Uncontested Divorce

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Usually the quickest and easiest form of divorce, but again — this is if you and your spouse agree on ALL issues!
Let’s say ALL again.
ALL issues are required to be agreed upon for an uncontested divorce.
If anything is contested, that means you have a contested divorce and there is a different course of action for a contested divorce with our office.
This is a matter in which you and your spouse agree on all issues. If there are minor children, you and your spouse agree on time-sharing and child support among other children’s issues. If you have marital property, you both agree on the distribution of your property and liabilities. You also agree on who will pay attorneys fees and the basic premise that you both wish to have the divorce.
Before deciding that it is an uncontested divorce, sometimes it is a good idea to have a full detailed consultation to determine what your rights and responsibilities are in your divorce.
Many people call the office with the feeling that their divorce is uncontested, but sometimes may realize that there are issues (sometimes very very very important issues) are still unresolved and therefore your case be a contested divorce.
We ask that you think about whether it is likely to be an uncontested or a contested divorce as the firm strives to meet client’s goals throughout representation and if a case changes mid-case from uncontested to a contested divorce it may drastically change the course of representation.
An uncontested matter normally moves quicker through the Courts than a contested case and your Attorney can explain the process here at William S. Foley, P.A.

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