Child Support

What is the deal with Child Support in Florida?

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Child Support is based on the guidelines set up by the Florida Statutes.

You’ve probably seen some calculators around on the web…that’s really helpful, but it’s no substitute for the advice an attorney can give to you. You don’t believe me?

Here’s the family law courts —->>> CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR

It is really helpful to work through this stuff by yourself if you want to. It gives you an idea of the criteria that we are looking for and the terminology we will be using and the Courts will be using.

It is important to speak to an Tampa Family Law Attorney about the calculation of guideline child support.


Did the calculator go into DEVIATIONS? Nope. That’s a little beyond the scope of the calculator, or any of the other child support calculators on the web.

So that’s why you should contact an attorney, there is more to the issue. The statute may allow for deviations in certain situations (upwards OR downwards) so give us a call and let’s talk about your case.

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