Mediation can be one of the most important events in your family law matter.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer William S. Foley has represented clients in hundreds and hundreds of family law mediations and has a respect for the possibilities that can be achieved when two people come to the table ready to come to a solution.

The parties are aided by their attorneys and a neutral mediator.

A settlement agreement is the overall goal of the mediation process.

In the event the parties cannot settle, another phase usually begins in the case, that is the trial preparation stage.

Tampa Family Lawyer William S. Foley feels it is important to prepare with his clients for mediation in advance. 

It is important to know what mediation is all about and what some of the options a client may have available to them at mediation.

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Therefore, mediation preparation sessions with the client and attorney are normally scheduled and have been instrumental in the Office’s overall approach to the each client’s case.

Speak to a Tampa Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney today about your options for mediation. What is the benefit of being in separate rooms during mediation?

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