Name Change


We have handled 100’s of name changes in Florida. If you are looking for a Lawyer for a Name Change in Florida, it may be important to speak to a Tampa Family Law Attorney about your Name Change.

The Courts can change the name of an adult, minor child, or Family. There are various petitions available for each of these Name Change situations.

It is one of the less complicated areas of family law, but it can still be an area where it is helpful to have a Tampa Family Law Attorney assist you in the process and having the Court enter your Final Judgment.

During a divorce, William S. Foley is able to ask for a Name Change and for the Wife to be restored to her maiden name. These are done during the divorce and prior to the Final Judgment. However, there are specific pleading requirements that some judges require that may make it necessary for a Family Law Attorney to look at your specific set of circumstances to make sure that you are able to have the Court order the Name Change during the divorce.

The Courts always want to make sure that the person that wishes to have their name changed is not doing it for deceptive purposes: to get out any criminal proceedings, to complicate a bankruptcy proceeding, or any other similar situation.

Check out this video by William S Foley, P.A. on Florida name changes: How do I change my name?

Call a Tampa Family Lawyer at (813) 272-2345 so that we can discuss with you about filing a Petition for a Name Change.

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