Prenuptial Agreements

We handle prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements in Florida. This page answers your prenup questions like: Reasons to get a Prenup or Postnup and our YouTube video series has helpful information about Prenups in Florida.

Watch our YouTube video series:

Do I need a Prenup?

Why is there so much work that goes into creating a prenup?

Should I get a Prenup during COVID-19?

Are Prenuptial Agreements Expensive?

We are experienced in the complicated issues that can arise in prenuptial agreements.

What is the difference between a prenup and a premarital agreement?  Click HERE

What should be covered in a prenup? Click HERE

Questions about whether your prenup is valid? HERE

We have dealt with cases that have challenged prenups, and also confirmed prenups and postnups.

Another question we hear all the time: Do I need a prenuptial agreement?

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We get the question all the time of – When should I get a prenup?

Another article we suggest reading is –  How to ask for a prenup. We get it. It isn’t an easy question to ask!

Why is there so much work that goes into preparing a prenuptial agreement?

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to discuss a representing you for your prenuptial agreement by way of a normal retainer or a Fixed Fees Retainer on prenups and postnups in Florida.

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